Review 2081

With a title and domain like Violent Nation, I really had no idea what to expect. Anything from some type of a hate crime expert to a misunderstood teenager crossed my mind as to who I was going to be reading about as I began my journey through this weblog.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that this weblog was one belonging to a somewhat average guy who just has an impeccable flair for being able to describe a situation and make the reader feel as if you’re right there. The first post I read about the drama involved in delivering pizzas set a great tone for the rest of the site, because I knew the author, either consciously or otherwise, made an effort to make the readers that stumble upon this site feel like they’re right there during each entry.

Be sure to check out the soundtrack at the bottom of the site. You can create your own listening music while reading through the weblog and/or the rest of the extensive site. It’s setup just like the cool keyboards from about 10 years ago where you could loop your favorite drum sound with the likes of a synthesizer and get yourself going with some pretty cool music that you, uh, “created”.

Other than the soundtrack feature, there’s a ton of different sections throughout the site. There are TONS of photos, some fun flash presentation-type things that the author’s created, song lyrics, poetry, essays, and the list of other parts of the site seems to have continued to grow since the beginning of

After finishing reviewing the entire site, I’m still sitting here tapping my foot to the sounds of my very cool lounge-ish music I’ve created with that crazy little soundtrack feature, and would highly suggest making your way to this site – it’s not really a Violent Nation.

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