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Do you want to read a blog that tries to make friends with you? Try Steve’s Thoughful Spot. As opposed to the usual personal blogs that are seemingly written for acquintances only, here’s one that lets you know about the person behind names and doesn’t assume you’ve been a faithful reader from day one.

Steve has a passion for blogging, which is endearing. He blogs with a vigor, often sparing no details while describing what happened last week, last night or this morning. Unfortunately Steve apparently does not spell check his entries, for there are more than just a few spelling and grammar mistakes. While Steve talks about himself quite comfortably and openly, there are times when the entries just sound like all the others out there, and some of the jokes just fall flat. One unique feature: Steve quotes a few lines, usually from popular movies or tv shows, after every entry.

Now we come to the layout. I don’t know why, but this particular blog design really irks me off. No matter how many times I see it, I still furrow my brows when I come across this combination of blue, red, yellow and green. Also, pages which require readers to slide it left and right (too big to fit screen) are irritating.

All said, Steve’s blog isn’t exactly thoughtful, nor is it brilliant, but it is interesting. It makes you a friend of Steve. Kind of like a catchy j.lo pop song, if Steve will forgive my analogy.

Steve’s Thoughtful Spot

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