Review 2080

I have to admit I was a little curious as to why this site was submitted to be re-reviewed again after it got a 5.0 on the last review. What would be so different that the site would require a re-review? With that thought in question I went on to Steve’s Thoughtful Spot.

The page loads and I am greeted with Jim Morrison and Winnie the Pooh. I am still not sure what the purpose is of both of them on the site, but oh well.

The design of the site is a black column and a green column with the blog being on the later. While there doesn’t seem to be much originality in the design, other than the logo, it works for the site.

The blog itself is well written. Posts are about his daily life: some are about nights with his friends, to work, to thoughts on the blog itself.

While the posts were written well, I had a hard time getting into the site. I think the blog itself follows your standard blog. Posts could be interchanged with a different blog and it wouldn’t seem like there was much difference.

One of the best parts of the site I thought was the about Steve section. He has devoted an entirely new blog to this section. You really get to know Steve in this section as he covers everything from being born to music interests to completely random facts about him.

Over all I think the site will be a good read for some people, but not all. If you enjoy a site about daily life and what have you, this is one for you.
Steve’s Thoughtful Spot

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