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In my humble opinion, Winnie the Pooh and friends don’t exactly mesh well with Jim Morrison – not at all. But at Steve’s Thoughtful Spot, apparently they do. Just like in the tales of Pooh and his thoughtful spot, the main logo for Steve’s Thoughtful Spot features Pooh at the top of the page. Directly underneath and to the left is a picture of Jim Morrison. Pooh and Morrison are both legendary in their own respects, so perhaps that’s the common bond there.

There’s an awesome “About Steve” section, which can be found by clicking on the link right below Jim Morrison. It’s very thorough and probably one of the more entertaining bits of biographical information I’ve read on a weblog.

Based on strictly content, this weblog is wonderful. Steve had me laughing in every single post. There’s nothing you have to “get” to understand his humor. He’s just flat-out a funny guy. He writes well, and he’s got a terrific way of throwing additional comments into his stories that make you laugh and make the anecdotes seem so real.

Steve makes you laugh with random quotes he’s chosen to put in between posts every so often. And he makes your brain work WHILE you’re laughing when he touches on topics like the dominance of the RIAA or the comparison of bodily excrements to different colors in a Crayola 64 box. It’s REALLY funny stuff here.

Steve’s humor won me over immensely with this weblog, and I have no doubt any reader’s reaction will be that of laughter and sometimes side aches and tears from laughing so hard. Definitely check this one out.

Steve’s Thoughtful Spot

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