Review 2079

Comparing getting together with her vagrant-like father to the reasoning of the death penalty and the explanation of the contents of her wallet – these entries are two examples of the seriousness of some posts compared to the humor that can be found in everyday random things that Siera writes about. You can also read about dorm life, an American going to school in Canada (that’d be our author here), and other humorous tidbits about every day life. It’s what I would call a casual blog with the perfect amount of humor and originality thrown into the writing.

There’s not much to read here, simply because the archives aren’t available. You’ll only see a couple of weeks worth of entries, but Siera is making a conscience effort with this weblog to post as frequently as possible and it makes the site worth coming back to see if there’s been something new posted.

The layout, I believe, is another one of those standard, often overused Blogger templates. This one is easy to navigate and the colors throughout the site complement each other. Of course, an original template would have went much better with the original content here, but time is probably a big factor in getting that done for a full time college student such as Siera.

This is a good weblog. The site is only a weblog, but through the reading you get a chance to experience what kind of life the author lives and even experience some of the things she does or some of the people she comes into contact with simply through the details she provides in her writing. It’s worth a visit!

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