Review 2078

From the moment I started reading this weblog, I knew I liked Al right away. He has problems just like everyone else, and has the positive attitude to take everything in stride and lets his sense of humor help prevent him from getting down too much. At least that’s the way he presents himself in his writing.

Scrolling through the archives of the site and reading Al’s entries provided quite the source of entertainment as well as tons of information about the author. From July 2000’s initial post covering the reason he started a weblog and the meaning of the title behind it to April 2001’s obscure song lyrics Al can’t get out of his head so he shares with his readers there’s an enormous variety of different topics Al touches on in his writing, and each are just as entertaining as the next.

Colors? Nice. I love blue. So, personally, I liked the dark blue background with light blue text. It may not be ideal of everyone, but it is different than your typical light background with dark text. The little flash banner that loads at the top of the site is a clever addition to the site. I also loved the title – “your most important website for the next 30 seconds”.

Other than the weblog, you’ll find even more things to explore. The about section has a nice little autobiography, complete with tons of pictures of the author all the way from his early childhood days until now. He’s also got several different photo galleries linked in the navigation bar to the left hand side of the site

I couldn’t find anything on the site that could justify anything less than a 5.0 rating. I didn’t find myself just skimming over entries to get on to the next one, but really finding myself involved in what I was reading wondering how particular events or troubles had worked out for Al. This is what makes an extraordinary weblog.


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