Review 2078

The beginning of all blogs was the personal journal on the Web. With the tremendous expansion of the Blogosphere we have certainly diversified, but the personal journal remains very much alive and a primary element behind bloging.

I personally never subscribed to the on-line journal idea. On my priority blog ranking scale, any personal log recording what Calumet had for breakfast, how he dealt with a broken garbage disposal unit, or how traumatic it was to see Babsie, the hound dog, barf after tasting the latest dry food recommended by the vet, still remains close to the bottom (unless the author suddenly displays signs of unusual literary enlightenment that makes his/her personal anxieties a subject of broader interest).

Reacharound, coming to us from sunny San Diego’s vicinity (Ocean Beach, to be exact) courtesy of Al, is such a “mainstream” personal diary/journal. Al, who’s one of the countless victims of the tanking U.S. economy, but with apparently good computer skills, has put together a cheerful, colorful site. Reacharound is powered by Greymatter and quite functional. There are photos of Al & Friends, the night sky, and one of those magnificent southern California sunsets, all bright and clear.

Al talks about his daily life… parties, meeting interesting women, buying a casserol dish that was super cheap… and intertwines this with globs on al-Qaida, Muslim perception of the Western world, interconnectedness (whatever that means), and the future of sensor networks.

Al’s prose is attractive and displays a certain “rhythm.” If you’re going to interest any reader about what is going on in your anonymous daily life, you better master such prose. Reacharound does a relatively good job in keeping the visitor scrolling down the page.

If you’re into personal blogs, Reacharound should be included in your future targets. And, heck, I may even return to find out what’s happening with Susanna, who “aside from being absolutely beautiful and successful… [she] finds something irresistable [sic]” about Al!reacharound

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