Review 2077

Disclaimer: I read basic Spanish only, so this review has been made possible with the help of my Spanish dictionary and the Babelfish translator. I do apologize to the writer of eCuaderno if my translations are off.

Jose, the sole writer of eCuaderno [literal translation: eNotebook], is a Communications professor. The reason for his blog is to share “news about Cyberculture and Weblogs.” eCuaderno really looks like a news blog. The design is very plain, but very functional.

Jose does accomplish his mission of sharing news, but it’s truly dry reading. It really is the quintessential news blog — just the facts. There is rarely any commentary on why a reader might find the facts interesting or useful. You’ll find information on a myriad of things that are happening online. Not everything is strictly of interest to the Spanish-speaking community.

If you have interest in keeping up with things that are new online and can read Spanish, you might really enjoy this blog. I would likely not return, as I have little interest in the subject and it’s too much of a hassle to translate everything.Cuaderno de Bitacora

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