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This was my first sports weblog ever – not just the only one I’ve ever reviewed, but the only one I’ve ever even read. For me, that is quite unusual, because I’ve done way, WAY too much weblog reading as it is. I was looking forward to reading someone else’s thoughts and ideas about the current sports world.

For starters, Dan’s certainly no novice writer. He’s a regular contributor to,, and the National Review Online. In other words, he’s done his fair share of writing for the public. And it’s obvious why.

Dan has opinions and he’s certainly not afraid to let them fly. The advantage to that in a weblog is that you get a real feel for the author’s ideas, feelings, and you quickly learn that Dan doesn’t hide his views on any topic. This, of course, makes for perhaps controversial reading or something that one completely agrees with. There’s no middle of the road for Dan – it’s one way or the other. has the “About the Author” section that always makes me happy. It’s nice to learn why a weblog is being constantly updated and what the reasoning is behind it all. Another really neat feature of this website is the message boards. Viewers get the chance to comment on Dan’s random posts or participate in giving various pictures taken from the AP wire a caption of their own.

I couldn’t find the archives to the site and I honestly wanted to. I wanted to read about Dan’s basketball opinions. I couldn’t tell if the weblog was just beginning of the archives site just wasn’t available to the public – either way, I did leave this site wanting to read even more of Dan’s sports articles, opinions, anything.

This is definitely a weblog I’d recommend to any sports fan – diehard or just the casual water-cooler-talking, bandwagon-jumping fan. From baseball to football and from salary caps to midseason trades, Dan’s up on the latest in the sports world and is a great source for information as well as additional opinions. My first experience with a sports weblog was definitely an exceptional one.

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