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Right off the bat, Averyl informs readers that her weblog is “fortified with wholesome links and images”. After reading from day one of the weblog, “Informed Bliss” is just that and even more.

Averyl is a writer by profession; so naturally, the writing was top-notch reading material. She covers topics from the news to the weather to pleading for donations to her favorite Guinea Pig Rescue location. Lots of humor fills the majority of the posts made here, and naturally, that makes reading each and every entry not only informative but educational.
While entries and especially complete weblogs that have that general feel towards them can accidentally give off a stuffy feel, Averyl writes in a casual manner that’s explanatory enough to give anyone at least a somewhat general idea of the topic at hand.

And the wholesome links and images described by the author herself in the title portion of the site? Definitely there. There are truly some amazing photographs, taken either by Averyl or her father, sporadically posted throughout the site. The photos are both pleasant to look at as well as a great way to break up monotony of constant text.

Things that would improve this weblog? Perhaps an “About the Author” section and a different site design. The weblog works without both of those, but after reading so much about the author’s life, I would have loved to learn more about who Averyl actually is. And there’s nothing actually wrong with the site design, but with such awesome content, a unique or somewhat different design would add even more appeal to this weblog.

Averyl’s Weblog is still in its beginning phases, having only started in November 2002. It’s already, however, off to a fine start and definitely one worth checking out.

Informed Bliss

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