Review 2074

I was pretty pleased to have Kimzie as the first camgirl site I’ve reviewed. Unlike a lot of the other cam sites out there, when first arriving at Kimzie, you aren’t greeted with ten billion pop up ads linking to other cam sites.

Kimzie’s blog is kind of sporadic as the entries go, most months there’s only a handfull, but the ones that are there are fairly entertaining. I did enjoy reading the whole blog. The author is also the owner of a site called Mood Smilies, which seems pretty useful for adding emotions into weblogs.

Of course Kimzie has cams, one of which wasn’t working. I’m not going to eat the author’s lunch for that though, web cams are notorious for going down without any good reason. I thought the site design was superb, easy to navigate and pleasing to the eye.

Kimzie has some pretty cool bonus features as well. There is a guest map, which is like a guestbook, but you make your entry on a certain place on a map of the globe denoting where you are from. There’s instant messaging built into the site. The Archives worked well. I loved the photo gallery of course, thats worth a trip to the site in itself.

I’m giving Kimzie a 3 because I enjoyed my time there, it was easy to navigate, and had everything you expect a camgirl site to have, and quite a bit more. You can tell the author knows her way around a computer. I think Kimzie would have done better if there were more substantive posts, or just more posts. An about section would have helped too. All in all though, not a bad site at all. I enjoyed my time there. Three stars, check it out. Kimzie

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