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Alright, let’s talk lazy here. I like it so much when I go to a site and right away the author gives me an exact description of what he/she thinks the particular weblog they post to is about. Don, the creator and author of “Reveries of a Solitary Blogger”, explains right away that this weblog is “a collection of progressive news and commentary, designed to keep readers engaged in the world around them.” The description alone leaves some pretty big shoes to fill, so I was anxious to see if Don was successful in filling those shoes.

I quickly classified Don as a newsjunkie. Not only is he right on top of things as they’re happening, but he knows more than just the basic information you may only find in one or two news articles about the particular event. He’s opinionated, but likes to have enough information validating his side of things. In general, doing that requires a lot of knowledge and a real zest for wanting to inform and be informed. From the writing, I almost immediately gathered that Don is exactly this type of person.

A lot of what Don addresses at this site is the political arena, and sometimes, without the proper background information on the reader’s part, I could see where readers could get lost in what’s being discussed. This isn’t a bad thing at this site – it’s just something that may not be as convenient or as easy to follow for some.

Design-wise, the site goes between two standard Blogger templates – one’s used for the main page, and there’s a different one still looming in the archives of the site. Both make the site operational and easy to navigate, but of course, there’s nothing in that aspect that makes the site stand out from any other.

“Reveries of a Solitary Blogger” hits the nail on the head when it comes to the site’s description, and is a must read for any political and/or news fiend. Don’s opinions are certainly worth your time.

Reveries of the Solitary Blogger

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