Review 2072

Here is a guy who is apparently comfortable in his own shoes and reasonably content with his life. That much is apparent from his blog. His writing, the tone, even the design of the page makes this apparent, which is quite enjoyable among all the other trite ‘i-have-a-bad-ass-attitude’ blogs.

Though there are a few grammar and spelling errors around, basically Wigg writes coherently and light-heartedly. You feel a little smile forming when you read about his life, even when he is complaining about a bad day. Everything is straightforward and clear here, from the blog itself to his ‘about me’ and pictures section. No flowery prose, no complicated designs. Just a friendly guy writing about his life with a few corny (but pleasing) jokes added.

I personally found the color combination on quite eye-pleasing. The two cartoon characters (presumably Wigg and fiancee) are a cute touch. The archive links may confuse newcomers at first, as there are too many similarly named links – “archives”,
“”, “old.666”, “old writing” and so on.

Overall, the whole site says ‘nice’. If you are tired of blogs that are used as personal punching bags, visit for a refreshing change. Things are pleasant and light here.

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