Review 2070

I am oddly attracted to The Bad One Says… the minute the site loads on my PC. I have no idea why – I hate orange. But the blog has a clean design and looks easy to read. Maybe I was just sucked in through the hallway on the logo graphic.

Drew, the writer of The Bad One Says…, seems inordinately preoccupied with sex, porn, and nudity on the internet. Most of his entries are either about his foibles trying to pick up chicks in chat rooms or about the correct etiquette of it all. There aren’t very many entries, but there seem to be an upswing of posting activities this month. Most of November’s entries are very, very short. There are a few funny entries which I don’t think were meant to be funny – like the writer’s discussion of a camgirl relationship gone bad. There’s a lot of unintentional irony going on.

Like I said, I really like the design of The Bad One Says…. After reading the entirety of the blog entries the design doesn’t seem to match up with the writing. However, the current design’s navigation is easy. There is a great search feature located on the Archives page, but it isn’t immediately find-able. I recommend putting the search feature on the main index page. I also recommend an “About Me” type of page.

I probably would not go back for another read of The Bad One Says…. The writing didn’t grab me, and I’m not really into the whole webcam/chatroom virtual sex scene.
The Bad One says…

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