Review 2068

Mr. Breakfast, Mr. Lunch, and Mr. Dinner – those are our author’s mice. Only Mr. Lunch is still alive. Their introduction to Mr. Dinner and the demise of the other two lasted only two weeks. This is the kind of weblog I like. Not because there were dying rodents, but because the author lets us into her life without expecting us to keep track of absolutely everyone she runs into or socializes with on a daily basis.

The weblog is written in a fashion that I would call casual conversational. With any one of Erin’s entries, you could almost walk up to a random person on the bus or someone you’re stuck on an elevator with and just share something without having to go into too much background information. This is perfect in a weblog!

I’m a smart girl, but I still had to look in the dictionary to find out what “petulant” meant. And pairing it with the word “scream” (which obviously is part of the URL of this weblog) is a discreet way of letting viewers know they may be in store for some ranting, sarcasm, and often sharp sense of humor – all of which makes this a very fun weblog to read.

The layout is nice. It’s a template available for download at Miz Graphics, but out of all the prefab templates I’ve ever seen, this one is ideal for this site. The graphic at the top is perfect for it. The colors are also nice, and the Erin, our author, does a nice job of filling in the tables to the right with information that helps the reader learn more about her.

As far as the technical aspect of the site goes, some of the hyperlinks aren’t referenced correctly. And there were JavaScript errors. I got hit 36 of them before this site loaded. I hate that so much. If the great writing and fun attitude of the site wouldn’t have been so prevalent, then I wouldn’t have been able to continue reading. Seriously.

Yes, Erin may just be “One Girl Talking”, but she’s one girl that has a weblog I’ll be back to visit.

one girl talking

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