Review 2067

Spinneyhead is coming on being up and running for nearly a year now. I went through all the archives to give the site as fair of a review as possible. It took all of about an hour. All of the entries are very short, with only perhaps one or two sentences in the majority of the postings. Only in the last few months does Ian finally get to be a bit more verbose, which is definitely a plus with this site.

Spinneyhead started out with Ian, our author, just linking to different sites around the ‘net, sharing limited views on them. As time has progressed, Ian started sharing more and more about himself, his personal life, and more extensive views and reviews of what’s going on in the world. Once this began, I became much more interested in Spinneyhead.

I had some trouble with the colors used for the layout of the site. The bright red background is nearly blinding before the rest of the page loads. Once the two white columns load, the site looks much better.

There’s more to this site than just the weblog, too. Along the left column of the site, you’ll find links to a novel Ian’s working on and several links to different photo galleries. There’s the standard links to his favorite sites, webrings, and other miscellaneous things, but Ian has it all laid out very nicely and it’s very easy to read and navigate through.

What this site has that so many sites now lack is intelligence. Ian doesn’t use extremely long words or quote prestigious news sources to make him look smart. Instead, he uses his natural intelligence to express his views, no matter what they are, and has also captured the art of keeping his readers attention. Obviously, this makes for a great weblog.


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