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Amy Beth is an old school blogger. Her earliest archives dated back to April 2000, and she’s one of the few that have been a faithful blogger for that entire amount of time without taking much of a break at all.

The posts made over the years at this website are pretty basic. They’re either quick links to something the author has found interesting (either newsworthy or worth a few good laughs), or just a daily update on what’s either going on in her personal or work-related life. It’s nothing ground breaking, but more a casual weblog with casual reading.

All of the archives of this site are functional. Of course, there are some links that are no longer valid or some images that no longer show up, but that’s just expected when looking at something that was posted over two years ago. The only complaint about the archives would be the color schemes uses before Amy Beth started to use any weblogging tool. The colors are nice and bright, but don’t go well together and often cause a bit of eye strain when trying to read the weblog entries.

The only thing that puzzled me was the image at the top of the site. I had no real clue how the eight different images of flying creatures really related to the weblog at all. And when all was said in done, it didn’t. Of course, it had no effect on the rest of the weblog.

The rest of the site is quite extensive as well. There’s a photo gallery, postcards you can send to your friends, and a humor section to name a few.

Overall, the *supah*weblog* is a fun one to read. Amy Beth sometimes updates several times a day, and it makes for interesting reading. I would suggest giving it a visit and see if “What’s Up With What’s Going Down” is something you’ll add to your bookmark list.

supah: whats up with whats going down

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