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Weblogs that are classified in the New/Links genre are often hard to review. Authors and creators of these sites just slap any random link into their site with little or no explanation of their own, and often just copy word for word text from the aforementioned link. This is a mindless activity that anyone can accomplish. The author of Filter Coffee takes his weblog containing the news links from current events several steps above that notch.

Such as the way things work on the World Wide Web when it comes to linking to another site, sometimes that link is no longer valid or has moved to a different URL – especially with news sites. My favorite entry was one that sent me on to a site where I could find a printable flowchart on how to respond to telemarketers when they call. I almost took offense to another one of Mahesh’s posts regarding the overworked, dumbed down call center employees. When not reviewing weblogs, I just happen to be one of those “deprived souls”. Then I followed the link to realize Mahesh was really referring to the call centers going up in India and the absurd way of Americanizing things that they’re forced to follow. Yes, I learned something from this weblog. Big points there!

The layout at Filter Coffee is very nice. It’s simple, the images used in it stay with the concept of the weblog’s title, it’s easy to navigate, the colors go well together, and anything else that makes a weblog look nice that I can think of is done here as well.

Filter Coffee is a relatively new weblog, but I would certainly consider it a unique and refreshing way to add to your daily national news intake.

Filter Coffee

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