Review 2061

Paper Tiger is as good as ‘teen style’ blogging can get. The site design is creative and functional, and the author’s writing aesthetic transcends his age; nevertheless, the expressions are sentimental, dealing with the emotion-laden introspection coloring his world. The libido for the writing is a relationship that went sour, and one gets the sense that everything he writes is a way of dealing with this.

The author’s commentary reflects an exploration of a world that’s a mixture of unexplored (and thus powerful) feelings. He sprinkles his blog with a few observations, and though he does offer meaningful insights, one would be better served by opening up a few novels.

The expressions themselves are of a hopeful desolation, and they will only be important in the context of his life story. There’s no doubt he’s talented, but he lacks the life experience to make this blog anything but an exercise in pretty writing for anyone who doesn’t know him. Paper Tiger – By RichardCross

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