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When Halie writes about her own writing as being “reduced to strings of shallow imagery and worn out clichés”, I definitely feel the need to argue. While the spelling is sometimes quite off kilter and the comma key is rarely used where it needs to be, Halie’s writing is not even remotely close to being shallow or worn out. The very first entry I read was one entry that made me have the desire to read the entire archived site to find more explicit, beautifully written imagery. And I found several of those.

With lines like “Bet you can’t guess which particular person I’m thinking of right now” and “I’m tempted to include names here but I won’t because that would offend too many people” throughout the site, it leads me to believe that this is another site where it’s not necessarily meant for common strangers to stumble upon this site. I felt myself becoming a little more involved and connected with this teenage writer than I have many in the past.

This is another relatively new site joining the weblog world. Halie admits to not being extremely proficient in HTML, which would explain the use of the standard Blogger template. It’s not a terrible one but the pale yellow color on the navy blue background does wear some on the eyes.

I learn a tiny little bit about the author here by the self-description beneath the main title of the page. Granted since it does say she died in the 2nd grade, I’m not sure how much of it is true, but it does give first time readers a vague idea of who they’ll be reading into when visiting Iridescent Skies.

This site is a tough one to give an overall summary of. Sure, some posts are meant only for those that have a clue as to who is involved in Halie’s life. There are other posts, though, that have the potential to draw any reader in and make him/her feel some type of a connection with the author. With that, I would encourage anyone to try the site out – read through a few entries, and see if that connection is there.

Iridescent Skies

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