Review 2058

This is a teenager’s weblog. It’s based primarily on our author’s daily life, her school activities, and her friends and family. One outside of our author’s circle of friends and never have been part of her “real” life would probably have no clue as to what’s going on in 95% of this weblog. However, I get the feeling that this weblog is probably only for those that the author has told about it and probably makes more sense to those people.

A black background, with gray filled-in tables and white text are the colors and design of choosing of the author. While it’s certainly not ugly, it’s not my favorite. It is well put together, however, and it’s easy to navigate through either the site’s archives or take a peek at several different other weblogs the author has linked.

All the links to other weblogs on the right hand side of the weblog are listed in a unique way. Rather than listing them by the title of the weblog or the author’s name, they’re all listed by different feelings one person can have. I’ve never seen this before, and I really liked it.

The weblog’s only a few months old. Some links to the archives don’t work, and the ones that do reveal the same type of weblog entries that I was introduced to upon my initial visit to the site.

I would have liked to been able to read more into the author’s frame of mind by some more in depth posting, or perhaps some type of an “about the author” section so new readers have some idea whose life it is they’re becoming voyeuristic of.

Typical teenage site this is, and I could easily recommend it to people in that same age bracket. Anyone out of high school, however, may not have the tolerance and/or patience to come back time and time again to this site.


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