Review 2054

I was confused. Earth Info was listed as a personal weblog, so I was hoping to find that kind of a special touch that gives personal weblogs the appeal to keep visitors coming back after making a connection with the author. This was not a personal weblog, so I switched the category over to News/Links, where it fits in much more appropriately.

The entries on this weblog revolve strictly around links from other sites. They’re mostly news related sites closely tied in with the current events taking place in the UK, since this is where Matt, the author of Earth Info, is from. Sometimes, the site is updated every two minutes for 10 or 15 minutes straight.

There’s not a lot to critique at this weblog. Quite simply, there’s not a lot to it. Each weblog entry contains links, and there’s a slew of links listed down the left hand side of the website. The weblog’s only been up and running since Nov 3, so I’m sure it has a lot of growing to do.

In the midst of that growing, I hope to see a different site design. It’s another one of those standard Blogger templates, but the color is slightly altered. It’s altered enough to make my eyes hurt. The blue hyperlinks placed on the bright orange background really work a number over while trying to read the rest of the site.

I couldn’t personally find anything special about this site, or anything that would make me want to come back time and time again. Perhaps people interested in the news in the UK would find this site more interesting.

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