Review 2052

OK, call me uptight, but I do NOT find naked women, dirty jokes, gross pictures and whatnots ‘humor’. I call them ‘low entertainment’. Apparently these are what is all about.

First off, this is not a blog. It is a sort of ‘link site’ where users get to view links that other users put up, or submit their own recommended links. A chance to comment on links is also available for those who feel the need to discuss boob sizes after viewing a particular porn gallery. The interactive element here is quite a nice touch, and it appears to be user-friendly. Sadly, no one seems to be willing to share their thoughs, for out of the 28 links on the front page, there are zero comments. Perhaps viewers are too embarrassed to expose what they were thinking about. Either that or no one cares.

At first glance, the site seems innocent enough, with a nice layout and easy navigation, but it soon dawned on me that I was looking at something I definitely did not want to look at. One major question: How oh how can pornography be classified as ‘humor’? What’s so funny about female anatomy? The rest of the links aren’t much better – there’s a picture of a squashed and very dead rat embedded in a loaf of bread, videos of bikini karate babes…you get the idea. It might be just me, but porn seems prevalent on the site.

As I’ve said, call me uptight. If you are into these sort of things, by all means enjoy yourself. The only good thing about the site is the interactive element, which totally goes to waste on its ‘target audience’. Last note: Where’s the ‘above 18’ warning? And while we’re at that, how about a ‘for the mindless only’?

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