Review 2050

Hurray for fun, funky, fabulous group blogs! The gang over at Punclox provided me with easy on the eyes entertainment for hours. Their blog has a nice, summery feel that gave me a warm fuzzy feeling in all the right places *wink, wink, nudge, nudge* Is it the bright oranges and yellows of their slick layout? The way the name “Punclox” made me giggle? The fact that it’s bloody minus 4 degrees where I am and anything could make me feel warmer than I am right now? Ok, probably not the last one, but definitely the first two and so much more.

The boys and girls over at Punclox (Orange Goblin, FATS32, Smog, Jamelapo, MXN, Jeaneye) invite you into their world combining a mix of random links and funny little anecdotes from their day into fun little entries. They have short bios of all the bloggers, and a dictionary of “Zacspeak”, a language frequently used by all. My favourite? So’ij.

They post frequently, in the time I spent at the site there was two entries added, making this a must for anyone’s daily read list.

I must say I really have no clue as to what Punclox means, but I will be going back each and every day in hopes of finding out. If not that, then at least for a few more giggles. I sincerely suggest you all do the same.