Review 2049

This is the fourth review to date of “The Art of Rhy-isms” and, having read the previous three reviews I am not sure if I really have anything new to add. However, I will see what I can do.

Now although this is a Blogspot blog complete with adverts, the author has clearly put a lot of work in to his site. He has his own template which is good (though not outstanding it has to be said) and ALOT of sidebar paraphernalia. It took me a good half hour or so to plough through the “About Me” stuff, his own online dictionary and the games he has written himself. He has also put up his favourite posts on to a separate page, which is a nice touch really and as there is alot of content in the blog, this is a good way of getting a feel for it and seeing the edited highlights.

As I think the scores reflect so far (ranging from 2 to 4.5) this is probably the kind of blog people will either love or hate. The author (very proudly) does not go in for the big issues of life, especially politics, but instead comments on his own life, the laughs he has with his mates and a few games/ movie reviews. Deep this blog isn’t.

However, there are some (fairly) amusing posts and like I say, if you do get on with the style of writing and content there is plenty to keep you occupied. However, the subject matter can get a bit repetitive (i.e. drinking, socialising, foortball and “funny things I said”, with the occasional reference to the college course he is doing). If you want to get an idea of what the average twenty year old gets up to in the UK then this cannot be faulted – he obviously enjoys the weblog as do his friends and regular readers. There are a lot of photos throughout the posts too, which also add a visual element. His slightly arrogant attitude gets a bit wearing after a while though and the rants he occasionally has are often merely resentful, vitriolic and poorly argued.

I have given this weblog 4 out of 5 for the shear effort which has been put in to it. However, due to the occasionally self centred nature of the content (whether it is meant to be taken tongue in cheek or not) and the rather limited subject matter, he still hasn’t got that all elusive 5 out of 5 I am afraid. Keep trying Rhys!The Art of Rhys-isms

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