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A self-confessed Egomaniac with an ego approximately the size of Denmark (my guess is that it fluctuates depending on situations), Rhys talks loud and long on his blog, never letting you forget that you are reading HIS BLOG. What, you can’t tell with a name like ‘The Art of Rhys-isms’?

How obsessed with himself is he, you ask? Well, not very much, actually. Just to the extent that he posts his academic results on his blog and compares himself with David Beckham to conclude that they are both leading fashion icons. Sample this sentence from one of his posts: “However, I have never, ever failed anything in my life. Not being arrogent (honest), but my record is flawless.” Occassionally irritating self-promotion aside, Rhys’s posts are actually quite a delight to read, what with his dramatic way of telling stories and usage of ample sarcasm. I found the ‘random’ pictures that come with posts a quirky and welcomed touch.

What makes the site better than average is, well, quantity. Most of Rhys’s posts are lengthy, but most importantly, there are a lot of side features on the site, including downloadable games designed by – who else – Rhys, a glossary explaining names and locations that appear frequently in his blog (comes in handy, but I couldn’t find Roland), a list of what Rhys is reading/watching/playing/listening to, and a message board, among others. At first glance, all these cramped together in a page may seem messy and over-crowded to some readers (Blogspot users, perhaps?), but once you get over the feeling of being overwhelmed, you’ll notice that everything is in order. Navigation is easy and the design is simple, plus there is a color theme; which means that it’s good. Perhaps the only complaint might be that there are too many links to click on?

To put it simply, ‘The Art of Rhys-isms’ is an interesting read. If you are looking for emo journals with plenty of angst and emotions, you can skip this. However if you enjoy Dave Barry-style rantings that causes you to read with an exasperated smile, this is the place.

The Art of Rhys-isms

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