Review 2049

If the Art of Rhys-isms were a movie, it would star Jackie Chan – it’s a rollercoaster of site, intensely personal and an addictive guilty pleasure. Never mind the misspellings or the occasionally reckless grammar: your host, Rhys Wynn, is Graham Norton on speed and too much fun to ignore.

The site initially appears too busy and jumbled with its jam-packed frames and intense banner. (I’m tempted to raise funds for him to get rid of the annoying Blogspot ad banner, though I suspect he’d put the money towards a pint.) However, once you get to know Rhys you’ll realize quickly that this blog IS him.

A Welsh programming student at the University of Liverpool, Rhys frequently posts stream-of-consciousness missives about his exams, his latest games, his quotidian trips to the pubs and so forth. The casual nature of these posts plus a section devoted to extraordinarily detailed biographical information about him result in a nearly instantaneous feeling of familarity towards Rhys and his mates. Add to that Rhys’ charming Welsh/Liverpudlian slang and you’re hooked, ready to forgive the occasional assaults on traditional English.

This is hardly a political or newsy blog. If anything, Rhys might delve into the specifics of certain games or programming tricks, but for the most part you’re with him as he goes about his day and night as a student and you’re happy to be there. It’s not a perfect blog, either; as mentioned above, the grammar and spelling are often dodgy and the site is cluttered and assaultive. However, it is one of those rare sites which totally embodies its author. It never overreaches or tries to be something it isn’t – and more pointedly, it’s ridiculously fun to read. The Art of Rhys-isms

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