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An introspective, intelligent, witty and honest read. The author’s personal reflections and observations about what he experiences and what he shares is very intriguing and thought provoking. The Kiwi author seems very down-to-earth and approachable, and so is his writing. “But wait. There’s more!…” His partner in crime, Natalia also contributes to the blog, and is also a stylistic, articulate and enjoyable writer. Wow. My Luck! Another great blog. 🙂

A few excerpts to illustrate:

She writes about some furniture they bought: “As the weasel (who is lying on the rug in front of the TV right now) said yesterday, we finally ordered ourselves a black leather couch/loveseat set, and a very groovy glass coffee table. That was precluded by furniture-store-hopping, and, of course, price-gazing and subsequent jaw-dropping. ” Heh. Been there done that. Isn’t writing at its best when the read can relate by how something has been described? I think so.

Just thought this was funny:

“That’s right, there were absolutely ZERO posts for the month of August 2002. Move along people, nothing to see here”

The “weasel” writes about his former work environment:

“I’d love to be given an opportunity to make major changes within the communications division where I have been working, but it’s a paramilitary organization and everyone is just required to follow orders without question. Fine if you’re a robot or you just want to go to work, meet the requirements, and get your basic salary without any sort of incentive to perform and be recognised for it, but no good if you actually like to use your brains and advance as a result, know what I mean? This is no reflection on the people that work there at all by the way; they aren’t the ones making up the rules.”

The blog focuses on reflections of the days events like most do. ‘Demon’ talks a lot about jobs and the experience of moving to, and the experience of, being in New York, New York and his crime fighting exploits and how cold NY is.

I simply liked this site. It is visually appealing (clean graphics and I love the hieroglyphic tiled background – right click Save Background As…wink), everything worked, the writing (by both authors) was well written and entertaining. The author also cares about Urban Scrawl, the word “re-design” was mentioned no less than 32,347 times. I will be visited US again ‘fer sure. Thanks for sharing.
Urban Scrawl

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