Review 2045

I’m such a big fan of the names of weblogs. That’s usually the key factor that drags me into checking one out, and “Urban Scrawl” just had that catchy, must-see flair for me. After entering it, I noticed that this was a site I’d reviewed only months before and at that time was going by “Demon Blog”. “Urban Scrawl” fits this site much better.

There were very nice resource links to other website that have some extremely helpful tools for the rest of us involved so heavily in webpage or weblog design. And once again, I spent entirely too much time digging around in the games section of the site. I spent a good two hours playing Pac Man, Yahtzee, Tetris, and Mini-golf, so that portion of the site is yet another reason to stick this in your bookmarked sites.

Since the past review, it seems like the good things are still there – the random quotes between each entry, the extensive informational link about the author and the site, definitely the links to the uber-addictive games.

Marcus is a great story teller and because of this gift, it makes each of his weblog entries enjoyable to read. While they may be several paragraphs long at times, they read very quickly and quite conversational. Posting, as of late, has become a little sporadic, but every weblog goes through those stages.

The design of the site is completely the opposite of what it was before. In the previous review, Marcus used black and white to make his design statement. Now, thanks in part to the opening graphic on the site, you’re met with white text on a black graph-type background that gives it a very sleek appearance.

Urban Scrawl was a good site before, and it’s a better site now. The more I read, the more I like. That, at least to me, convinces me that this is a weblog worth coming back to over and over.

Urban Scrawl

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