Review 2042

Having only begun on October 31, this is a relatively new weblog. In its infancy, however, the site is on its way to a tremendous start.

Shital, the author at this weblog, is clearly on top of things when it comes to our technology era we’re all going through. And in true form of the techno-geeks out there, Shital wants all of the latest and greatest things that hit the market and has clearly done thorough research on each item. I bring this up as an added bonus to reading this weblog.

It’s hard to find ones self too attached or enthralled in a weblog that’s only in its infancy, but Shital’s weblog certainly has the potential to keep readers coming back. There’s such a broad range of topics Shital covers on a consistent basis that there’s sure to be something that will grab anyone’s interest – music reviews, traveling adventures, and the previously mentioned updates on the latest technology.

The rest of the site is also worth exploring. In “Stuff 2 Do”, you’ll find a plethora of different sites to visit and new things to try out. You’ll also find cool books, some very cool various downloads, a current list of Shital’s favorite music, and the list basically goes on and on.

Visually speaking, this site looks just fine. It’s a simple design with very easy to use navigation. It’s nothing special, but it doesn’t need to be. The weblog speaks for itself without the need of any flashy graphics to make people want to come back.

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