Review 2040

I’m not really sure what to say about “THE” Experience. The design is the ultimate in basic necessity. To be honest, without The Weblog Review specifically telling me that the name of the blog was “THE” Experience I would have thought it was called the “JHE” Experience – the font is not particularly easy to decipher. I wasn’t really expecting much.

The writer of “THE” Experience doesn’t seem to have much to say. His entries are very short, and several of them didn’t make sense to me. Perhaps this blog is meant as a way to keep in touch with his friends, who would know what the writer means. As someone not in the writer’s circle of friends I was bored. The content just wasn’t meaningful to me. The writer’s intermittent use of capitalization was a distraction.

Commenting on the design of “THE” Experience is difficult – there is barely a design to comment on. The brick tiled background is overwhelming and makes it slightly distracting to read the text over top of it. Even if the writer doesn’t have good knowledge of HTML, there are plenty of sites with free blog templates available. I highly recommend a visit to one of them just for the sake of making it easier to navigate “THE” Experience. Navigation is completely confusing.

“THE” Experience has plenty of extras: polls, guestbook, forums, a collection of poetry, a page that lists the writers random thoughts throughout the day as well as lists of people he likes and doesn’t like, things he likes and doesn’t like, etc., a page devoted to things the writer thinks of when he’s drunk, a page devoted to a few essays on the writer’s opinion, a page with lyrics to the writer’s favorite songs, and a page with movie lyrics the writer likes. I’m not really sure why so many of these things are broken down into separate sections – it seems as if “THE” Experience would be better served by incorporating some of these things into his main blog.

Apparently I missed “the” experience I was supposed to have at “THE” Experience. Unless you’re a friend of the writer, I don’t really recommend a visit.

THE Experience

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