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While I know that the biggest percentage of internet users probably includes the majority of people using a 1028×768 screen resolution. I, however, am not at this moment in time, and because of that, I had to scroll from side to side to read entries on the main page. It looks like this is just caused my the placement of images in certain monthly archives.

I was absurdly amused by the FAQ section of the site. Perhaps it was, for the most part, made up, but I still found a lot of interesting information about the author and the “Studied Authenticity” weblog – personal information about the author, like his pets or his current living situation, and information on how the weblog got its name and the initial purpose behind it all.

In addition to the “witty banter and links”, there’s also a link to some of the author’s personal poetry. The standard external links to other weblogs the author reads, links to the books he’s reading through, and the archived months are listed along the right side of this standard Blogger template.

Most of the posts I read through related back to some form of pop culture. Combining a review of the Ben Affleck/Samuel Jackson movie “Changing Lanes” along with a comparison of how the movie relates to his daily life is one of the many entries that stood out when reading back through the archives. The author is genuinely funny, with the type of slightly dry, offbeat sense of humor that not everyone’s going to get.

He throws in a great diversion of humorous images throughout some of his entries to break up the stream of constant text. Another fun addition is the way the author uses phrases like “The Lord sayeth unto me, ‘Yo nigga, I done gots some revelations fo yo dumb ass!'” as a title for a weblog entry, turned essay-length rant the author claims “really went nowhere”.
Topically speaking, readers are going to find a broad range of subjects to read about. The author, through his writing, seems very passionate about any subject matter at hand. Whatever he feels like talking about is always backed with strong opinion and plenty of explanation.

Reading a weblog from someone that appears as confident as this author is always refreshing, and even helps build confidence in your own opinion on matters. So, in all, this weblog is ideal for those that have opinions or enjoy reading the opinions of others and are looking for a little more than just the standard day-to-day updates of someone’s every day life.

Studied Authenticity

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