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Life-Log Perpetual, the Personal Diary of Christopher M. Canavan, is a new addition to the ever-growing number of weblogs out on the world wide web these days since his “maiden voyage post” on October 8.

The beauty of this website comes in Chris’s writing. This is the kind of weblog I like to read. It’s one that lets you into the author’s life by him blogging about his typical day or what’s going on in his life. It’s not so personal that you can’t understand half the things he’s talking about because you don’t know the background on everything involved. But it is personal enough to give the reader some type of attachment and that desire to come back and read the Life-Log Perpetual.

Chris is funny, witty, intelligent, opinionated, and straight forward – that’s the impression that the writing in his weblog gives me, that is.

In his initial post, he advises readers to consider the rating of these posts to be of the XXX variety, which he does only to cover himself. I wouldn’t consider anything yet posted to classify as XXX, but like Chris says, at least you’ve been warned that things could go in that direction.

The appearance is by no means revolting, but I think Chris must have something up his sleeve to improve the appearance of it. The weblog is in a typical solid-color-blocked Blogger template. It’s not an ugly one, but it’s an overused one. And i’m not sure exactly how the pictures on the top and side really relate to the rest of the weblog, but perhaps that’s a mystery that all readers have yet to solve.

Even it it’s early stages, this site intrigued me enough to add it to my list of daily links. I’ll gladly come back and visit on a regular basis to see what other perils of wisdom Chris has to share with his newly developed weblog. I’d recommend anyone else to do the same.

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