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My first impression when I first seen this blog was not a very good one.It looked like so many other pages I have seen as of late, very ordinary..
But as the saying goes, “You can’t judge a book by it’s cover”. In the case of “Irrevelent Press”, the above phrase rings very true.

At the top of the page in the right hand corner, is a photo of a teddy bear which apparently is supposed to be the author . The author’s name is Roo…(aka. Roo Bear”) The first thing I looked for was an “about” page which I realized at that time that there wasn’t any. But then again, I really didn’t expect to find one because the author is posing as a 7 eyed teddy bear.

The writing was very easy to read, and the page itself was very neatly laid out. The only problem I had, was the template looked like so many of the other templates you see , plain and boring.

On to the entries. Roo started his blog on February 11, 2004. Once I started reading, I basically had to pull myself away from the blog in order to do my review. It was obvious that Roo’s entries were thought out before he started writing them. Roo talks about several topics that are very stimulating to the mind and will really make you think. Take for instance this particular entry.. Roo wrote….

So last night I had this not-so-amazing thought about the amount of buttons in our lives. I actually considered waking up this morning and counting how many buttons I push throughout the day for the sake of blogdom. Remotes, cars, computers, phones, the list goes on and on. It seems we have a fascination with pushing stuff. I think it all comes from the earliest moments of being a child when you get all these toys with things you can push, or toggle, or pull. I am reminded when I first got my car and my little 2-year old buddy sat on his mother’s lap in the drivers seat to check it out, and the first thing he did was start pushing every button his little fingers could reach. Is there just something satisfyingly tactile about depressing a piece of plastic and making something “happen?” Truth be, you can NOT go through your day without pressing some kind of button. Try it! You wouldn’t be making any phone calls, typing any emails, making any fruit smoothes – nothing. How devoid would your life be without using buttons?

Now this is something I have never thought of. But it gives us something to think about. I found each and every post very interesting and entertaining. On some of the entries, Roo adds a bit of humour. Roo’s posts are very well written . What is interesting to some, may not be interesting to others. But I for one, truly enjoyed reading Roo’s entries. I will also be book marking his site,.

To conclude my review, as I have stated, Roo’s blog is a very interesting and entertaining read. Maybe he could just work on the template a little bit. Add some more design to it. He has several photo’s added to his posts which give it a very nice touch. Work on the template a bit more, I am sure it would have the potential to get a rating of 5. Irrelevant Press

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