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On Writing This Review:
I couldn’t think of a better way to start it, then by taking a page out of this weblog, Life-Log Perpetual. Each entry starts out with On Such and Such a topic, which is actually some what useful. And though I read every post on this site, the posts that had titles that interested me more were read for better detail.

Chris posts about a variety of topics. He is still searching for his focus is my guess since the site just opened early October. He posts a question about weblogs of if weblogs need a certain amount of focus to hold a reader’s attention. To which the answer is: it depends on who the reader is. But Chris’s lack of a specific focus is not a bad thing. Everyday, hundreds of new weblogs are started, and most do not have a good beginning. However, Life-Log Perpetual is good in its infancy.

The posts themselves read almost like a good book. He tends to write in vague terms, but at the same time give a lot of detail. Its like when reading a 400 page novel, you know the book could have been written in 35 pages, but those other 365 pages are all the detail that makes it so much better.

The design of the site is a blogger template. And it is my least favorite. Why is it my least favorite? I don’t know. I just don’t like it. Too many people use it, and it seems to big and bulky for a site. However, to Chris’s credit, he did customize it a little with adding some images. This makes it a little easier to bear, but still, this reviewer still does not like the template.

Very few weblogs have actually gotten my attention since creating TWR. Even fewer have kept it. I hope that Life-Log Perpetual will be able to keep my attention, as it has definitely gotten my attention.
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