Review 190

I checked out this site after seeing it featured as the “Site of the Week” here on The Weblog Review. Honestly, my first thought was “What am I missing?” The site seemed to have gotten rave reviews about the graphics, yet all I could see were four blurry images across the top. I opened up a different browser (Netscape) to see if I was perhaps not getting it all in this one (IE). Alas, Netscape would not display the page at all.

So I started reading the weblog, and was not grabbed by anything interesting. It was not poorly written or necessarily bad, but there was no content that hooked me or got my attention. Then I realized that there were only four log entries, and no links to other content on the site.

I would like to hope that the page was experiencing some technical difficulties and that I was not seeing everything. One weblog entry did mention something about a server crashing.

I will check back another time to see if I am wrong about this site, and I will ammend this review if need

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