Review 1840

Wow. Where to begin with this site? How about with what I didn’t do for it. I didn’t read the other reviews already written on this site for fear of it influencing my rating or judgment of it. I did take a sneak peak at the ratings however just to see who reviewed it, and what they thought of it. But of course, since it was already reviewed, she posted that info on her site.

So what did I find here at Bumptious? I found a funny site with lots of direct and indirect humor. For the most part I laughed at what was being said, but then other times I wasn’t as “tickled” shall we say as other times. But I quickly solved the question of why the other reviewers found the site extremely funny, and I only laughed at parts – because I am male, and the author of the site is female.

Yes, sometimes that makes all the difference. I couldn’t relate near as well as the other reviewers could for that reason. So with solving that little problem I read on.

Ok, so we got some funny stuff, what else is there to read here? Some personal posts, some posts about the government, some about movies and actors and all that other stuff. It is a fairly “general” (I say that very loosely) blog, with the exception that it is funny.

The design of the site has to be a blogger template, which works. However, I would like to see a Bumptiously design to reflect the words the author writes. Also, she likes to bolden certain phrases to really grab my attention, or to enforce a thought which I liked. But design, there isn’t anything here since it is a template.

Over all the site is very well done, and enjoyable. If you want a good laugh, head on over. And if you are female and want a good laugh, you really should take a look. So go check out Bumptiously and have yourself a good laugh.

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