Review 1840

I like this woman. I may not know anything about her, but she’s funny.

Upon entering this blog I noticed that it’s in the no-frills Blogger template, which I have no problem with. She has a cute tiny picture of a kitten (I’m a sucker for kittens) on her sidebar, as well as links to a couple other websites and her archives. Other than that, her site is just her musings and little else. And that’s not a bad thing in this case.

Our host has only been doing the blog since July, but she’s active and posts regularly. Her posts are largely commentary on pop culture, with some miscellaneous mentions of her personal life tossed in for good measure. While her posts are brief, they are snarky and fun to read.

There are no extra frills here – other than her email address I saw no personal information whatsoever. It’s literally an anonymous woman posting funny anecdotes and thoughts online. But it works. Bumptious

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