Review 1765

This site has a professional-looking and conservative design, similar to what you might see on the site of a company. It’s easy to read, with a nice blue and white color scheme. The list of links on the right side include graphics instead of just text links, and the writer has posted a large photo in today’s post, so the site looks pretty lively before I even start to read.

The site is subtitled, “Where cats, science fiction, and anger come together!” It’s written by two people, Ellen and Scott. Ellen describes herself as a cat lover who is always angry, exercising a lot, and working as a veterinary technician. Scott has a humorous FAQ about himself and tells us he’s an anthropologist working as a “computer guy” at a national nonprofit. He says the purpose of the site is to allow him to express some of his funny thoughts, essays, and opinions about other media outlets. Anybody who likes an angry wit and news-of-the-weird type links will enjoy this well-written site. Also, Ellen links to lots of really cute animal photos, so unabashed cute-animal fans should definitely visit.

The design of the site and its content go together well in the sense that the design is unobtrusive. This is a very good thing. It’s easy to navigate and to find the links (on the right and left sides) that you’re interested in.

I liked the list of “Topics” on the left side of the page, where you are taken to Scott and Ellen’s postings on specific subjects (such as airplanes, angst, funnies, and space). This is a great idea to let new readers browse directly to entries they might especially like.

Scott and Ellen have an excellent collective eye for the unusual. They interact on the site in a comfortable teasing manner that is entertaining without falling into too many in-jokes.

I recommend this interesting, eclectic site and I’ll visit it again myself, both to follow the saga of Ellen and Scott and to see what strange things they encounter in life and on the web.

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