Review 1758

Wow, does Epicycle know his computers! This website is a refuge for anyone who knows each wire in his CPU. The design and layout of the site is easy to navigate in a simple no-frills way. Much like the computers Epicycle loves, everything has it’s place on his website. Part blog, part ode to all things computer, this techie has a lot of good information on his website for other techies.

I personally know next to nothing about the innards of my computer, but despite this I had fun clicking through Epicycle’s website because he offers other things as well – pictures of space models and some digital art, to name a couple.

There is very little personal information at Epicycle, but that’s not the intent of the site – it’s not a personal blog. It’s a computer blog, and so in that regard it’s near perfect because each and every entry goes into detail about something computer-oriented.

I would have given it a 5 but for a couple links that brought up empty pages under construction. If it had been a completed site, it would have been the perfect computer site.Epicycle

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