Review 1756

The first thing that struck me about honyaks was that the post titles are, to me at least, unreadable with out highlighting. They are a small, bold, red font on a grey background, and make my eyes go all blurry when reading them…ok so post titles are not the most important thing about a blog, but it is a design fault the author, dairyair, might want to keep in mind.

Reading the blog itself, there isn’t much to it. Entries come once or twice a day, every few days, and consist mostly of links with a few words of description. However, sometimes this description is not incredibly informative.

The site design (besides the post titles) is simple and functional, but there is nothing special about it. When combined with the relatively average writing, and complete lack of other content (not even an ‘about me’ page), it is hard to recommend this site, unless you like reading blogs as a way of finding links to other sites.Chemo Warfare

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