Review 1756

To tell the truth, I visited a few times, hoping there would be something new to draw me in on each visit, but there wasn’t. I’m not saying this blog is terrible, because it isn’t, but there is nothing there, no spark, no extra allure that differentiates this blog from the multitude already out there.

The writing is technically pretty good– there are no horrendous spelling or grammar errors, and it is coherent and somewhat amusing, but for a site that’s slogan is “a site of style and humor for the uncool,” it is sadly lacking in both regards.

Most entries have at least one link with commentary, and the commentary simply isn’t that funny. Even when it is straightforward, the writing is not particularly interesting.

The blog also lacks style in web design. It uses a Moveable Type template that while easily navigable, further quagmires it with the blogging masses. It also lacks any other pages to entice the reader, and I had a hard time staying interested.

In short, is nothing special. But it could be, if some more personality were shown.
Chemo Warfare

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