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I jumped to the very first post made on this website to start out my review process. It was a detailed description about quite an extensive throat surgery Larry had done early last month. I know it doesn’t sound interesting, but Larry’s nearly play-by-play recollection of the events leading up to, and immediately following the surgery read as if it’s a chapter in a novel.

Polygon, the Dancing Bear is far from a “day in the life” weblog, but more of the author going into great detail on a wide array of topics and expressing his views very eloquently in a place where random people can stumble upon.

Larry’s a former politician, which is somewhat prevalent in some of the essays/entries that are available for perusal, and also the webmaster of The Political Graveyard, which is a huge compilation where history buffs all over can visit “The Web Site That Tells Where the Dead Politicians are Buried”. And his website doesn’t just stop with the weblog, but yet expounds in great detail in a section where you can learn all the details of Larry’s likes and dislikes. He also has one of the largest collections I’ve ever seen of the latest and greatest email scam, which Larry calls the Nigerian Fraud Email Gallery.

The design works for the site. It’s nothing glamorous, but the point of Larry’s weblog isn’t necessarily to BE glamorous. All the links work, and the site looked just the same in any browser I checked it out in.

Want mindless reading? Don’t visit this site. Want to read a very well written weblog that belongs to someone that’s really taken the time to formulate ideas on some sometimes very heavy issues? Definitely check this weblog out.
Polygon, the Dancing Bear

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