Review 1665

David serves in the U.S. Air Force, which he sees as a “great way to express commitment to American principles.” David also expresses his commitment to American principles in his weblog, but not as much as I originally guessed. Other topics, such as his upcoming move to Montana (which will be the sixteenth place that he will have lived), his weblog, and other people’s weblogs, all get their fair share of writing space in David’s rather lengthy archive.

Like news blogs, David’s writings are filled with links to other places. However, each post is interesting and understandable without clicking on the links themselves. Never expect to be left in the dark about what any post means, if you need to, you can click on the links and read what David is writing about! This is definately a good feature.

I would say that the weblog’s main audience would be people that know David (there are a few posts designed just for a certain person, but not many), and people who are interested in the political side of current news. Assuming you’re in the target audience, the weblog is well written and a good choice for reading. Between the archives and the links in each post, you’d be hard pressed to run out of things to

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