Review 1645

I always go to sites hosted by “free hosts” with a little apprehension. One never knows quite what to expect. I pretty much expected another boring log started because blogging is cool. I was wrong. This weblog is like a beautiful painting hung in a plain picture frame.

The author writes on various political topics and appears to be quite educated in each of those topics. I am not one to follow the news and appreciated the fact that she gave enough background information on the topic to follow what she’s talking about as well as news links. I found it hard not to agree with much of what she had to say. Even if one doesn’t agree with her opinions, you have to admire the fact that she doesn’t give off a “my opinion is superior because it is what I believe” attitude. She presents facts to back-up her feelings instead of saying “it’s just bad because I said so.” Her writing had good flow to it and was not boring to read, and at times, had a touch of humor to it.

I’m guessing that the design itself is basically a default template of some sort offered by Blogspot. Not really much to comment on there. All of the text was a good size and color, making reading a lot of text fairly comfortable. Links were clearly visible and the archives (well worth reading) are easy to find.

I quite enjoyed reading all of her entries and have added her site to my small, but growing list of gems on the web. I highly recommend reading her site if you are like me and don’t follow the news and would like to know more about the news that’s on everyone’s mind. Even if you do follow the news, it might be a refreshing change to hear someone else’s thought out opinions.The Serenity

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