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This is fairly new and pretty simple site. First thing I look for in a blog is “about me” to get to know the person that writes. No place to be found here. I can’t really tell if it is a girl or a guy (or should the name, Tyler, tell me that? I don’t think so, I’ve been surprised before while assuming gender by a name), a teenager or an adult, or where he/she lives; although because of the topics I’d say it is a guy in his mid 20’s and he lives somewhere in Brazil.

The design couldn’t be simpler. White background, no fancy letter type or colors, no links and no graphics; just a statement that reflects very well the author’s intention on the writing: “Percepções, politica, economia, gibis e cultura na visão do transeunte, que segue caminhando sem se envolver. Traga seu farnel” or “Perceptions, politics, economy, comics and culture in the view of a somebody that passes by and keep its way without getting involved. Bring your provisions”

He alternates between Portuguese and English on the posts.

It would help if every time you click on the page in any place that’s not a link doesn’t take you to the e-mail application, that’s kind of annoying.

Let’s talk about the writing itself. Brilliant for a weblog. The author seems to know where he/she is going, clearly expressing his/her thoughts. Love the philosophic angle of the topics and the analysis of the simple world out there. He comments books, newspapers articles, comics, movies, sport games, music and musicians, culture and TV. Intelligent. All worth the reading if you are interested in others people point of view of the world. I wouldn’t mind spending an evening with him/her over coffee discussing life.
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