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“Sven’s Empire Confidential” is fairly new to the blogging world, though after reading it, I can see it becoming a great blog in the near future.

The site is written by Sven who after I read through the whole site that was available to me, am still unsure who exactly who he is, but that’s fine.

His posts range from tidbits about music to politics, to “rants out loud” as he says. He has categorized his posts on the side bar, which is convenient if there are certain things, which you are specifically interested in. Some posts I found specifically interesting to read, such as one entitled “Interesting Perspective” where he addresses his feelings regarding the blogging community. I also enjoyed the though-provoking quotes he sometimes posts.

One thing I particularly liked about his posts is that he incorporates writing from other sites he reads. Not only does it help to promote other blogs that may go unnoticed, but he also elaborates further from the excerpts to express his own views about the subject at hand.

The layout’s pretty simple. The only graphic is an image in the upper left-hand corner of a waterfall set against a plain, black background. The sidebar contains links to recent posts, other blogs and recent comments posted on his site.

In summary, I enjoyed reading this site and I give it a rating of 3.
Sven’s Empire Confidential

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