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“BlogLeft: Critical Interventions” is the name of this weblog, which is used to express thoughts and opinions throughout current events, focusing greatly on the blunders and idiosyncrasies that occur so regularly in the Republican Party.

The semi-dramatic music that briefly plays upon entering the site is a unique touch. Even though I browse the web with a 1024×768 screen resolution on my monitor, I still had to scroll back and forth along the bottom to completely read the weblog entries. I noticed after reading the archives of the site that the reason for the scrolling was due to an extremely long URL that was posted in on the main page of the site. All of the archives worked wonderfully on any screen resolution.

The contributors of the site are certainly two qualified candidates to write and post about the material you’ll read. Douglas is the Philosophy of Education Chair at UCLA, has his Ph.D. in Philosophy from Columbia University, and is a published author. Richard is the webmaster/co-director of

In Blog Left’s infancy, Douglas and Richard would post each and every entire article of the link they were referencing. Now, however, they’ve resorted to sometimes briefly describing the news article they’ve posted. I prefer the latter of the two formats much better, since it gives the reader the option to either click on the link and read more or just skip to the next link that may have been posted without having to wade through so much text if there’s no interest in that particular subject matter.

There were two very interesting video clips available for download – both of which I would recommend downloading if you have some spare time (each are nearly an hour long), some interest in the topics the video cover (descriptions available on the website), and especially if you have a broadband connection of some sort.

The links along the sidebar go on and on, with what seems like limitless resources to gain insight to the news and to find out more information on what you might run across at Blog Left!

Average weblog readers that have no interest in the political arena, or just keeping updated with the latest significant news won’t be too impressed with Blog Left. On the other hand, those people that are looking for exactly that will be more than pleased with this weblog.

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