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I have to admit the only reason I decided to review this site was because I found the title of the blog rather amusing, Stick Figure Peepshow, however the site does have more to offer then just an interesting title. The blog centers on our author, Andrew, a twenty-something year-old bouncing his way through life giving the readers a good understanding of it.

The blog is a mixture of writings, from rave and rants to self-written poetry as well as a bunch of links. Its has all you could possibly want from a weblog, and overall I found most of the posts rather fascinating to read, it just doesn’t become stale which isn’t easy to do. The length of the posts also very, from short links and comments to large detailed pieces on a particular subject or event, but its all seems relevant for whatever the author is talking about. Its fairly obvious from reading early on that Andrew takes his weblog fairly seriously, you only need to look at the entry on the 19/6 to see how passionate he is about his work, and passionate writing also means good reading.

I can’t find anything bad to say about the design, it does the weblog justice and at no point goes over the top. There are some nice little features on the site that really add to the pleasure of reading it such as; displaying a certain amount of posts on one page, comments and an easy to access archive section. The links are a little hard to pick up on, being gray on a dark background isn’t great for a lot of people, but still very readable. The site is also a tad cluttered, there are literally links all over the place, most to other documentation by the author, but there well grouped and most people shouldn’t have problems with it.

As far as extras go I don’t know where to start, there are simply that many things you can click on. Items such as a web cam, pictures, mp3’s, writings, links to other sites, movies, music etc, etc… Its an endless list that I’m sure most people would take a fair while to get through so there’s very little chance you’ll get bored here.

Overall I thought Stick Figure Peepshow was a well-put together weblog offering a lot to its dedicated readers and people wanting to follow something a little different. Even for those wanting to start their own weblog SFP is a great spot to see how a well designed and written weblog should be. I give SFP two thumbs up and a 4 out of 5.
Stick Figure Peepshow

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