Review 1609

Huai’s a student in Melbourne who started up his weblog in April of 2002. Since then, has been very consistently updated with the happenings of Huai.

The site’s design is very basic. There’s a light blue table on the left with the naviagation portion of the menu, which is very simple to use. And to the right is the weblog. The main page features a photo of the day (POTD) at the top of the page. It’s not exactly a photo of the day, however, but more like a photo of the week. That’s not really a major concern of mine, but I could certainly see how readers could get disappointed with the photo not being updated daily like one would assume.

The majority of the entries are simple to read updates of what’s going on in Huai’s life – dorm life, his social life, how his classes are going, etc. It’s fun to read through the progress of the school year and the entertaining mishaps that get written about.

A nice touch to this weblog was the introduction of posting pictures from time to time. While the POTD might not be updated on a regular basis, Huai does a good job of peppering in pictures that he’s taken with his digital camera throughout a good portion of his entries. Doing that breaks up the constant text and gives the readers something more than just words.

Is this a site I’d visit again? Personally, no. Is it one I’d suggest to those in college perhaps experiencing the same thing that Huai is going through? Certainly. And I’d even go as far as saying you should at least check it out once – perhaps you’ll find the connection that makes you want to keep coming

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